Monday, August 17, 2009

System Security - FTP

A few additional information on FTP monitoring:

# ftpcount

Shows current number of users in each ftp server class
-v Displays the user counts for ftp server classes defined in virtual host [ftpaccess]
-V Display program copyright and version information then terminate


# ftpcount
Service class realusers - 1 users (no maximum)
Service class guestusers - 0 users (no maximum)
Service class anonusers - 0 users (no maximum)

# ftpwho
Shows current process information for each ftp server user
1. Itll display which user is logged in along with the process id
2. Status of the user will be displayed
3. Will also display the password given by the anonymous user


# ftpwho
Service class realusers:
bhagat 1157 0.0 0.2 4852 2628 ? S 12:48:03 0:00 ftpd: bhagat: IDLE
- 1 users (no maximum)
Service class guestusers:
- 0 users (no maximum)
Service class anonusers:
- 0 users (no maximum)

1. A real user named - bhagat is logged through ftp from the machine
2. Similarly if other category of user's are logged in, then their name's & corresponding
machine Ip will be displayed.
3. If anonymous user is logged in then their password will be displayed. (Normally the system
prompts & and ask for e-mail id).


  1. Sir,

    How can we create a ftp user, so that whenever the user logs in through ftp, he should land in common ftp directory or any other particular directory defined by administrator, but not in his home directory...?


  2. Hi Sachin,
    3 different category of FTP users are there.
    1. Real User
    2. Guest User
    3. Anonymous User

    Real User - Will have a user a/c to the system, hence they're permitted to browse, login through telnet, rlogin too.

    Anonymous User - Will be permitted to do only FTP activities & can work in the dir defined by root. They are NOT privileged to browse the system!!!