Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Assigning a banner to ftp server:

A part of the contents is displayed from the file /etc/ftpd/ftpacess

sendbuf 65536 real,guest,anonymous
# flush-wait no anonymous
# passive ports 32768 65535
# timeout data 600
# timeout idle 300

banner /etc/ftpd/banner.msg

(Output Truncated)

From the above, we can know the default connection time whilst data is transmitting through ftp
and the idle time too.

To assign a banner whilst ftp connection is establishing, do the following:
1. Create a file /etc/ftpd/banner.msg
2. Add the contents to the file

For Eg:
# vi /etc/ftpd/banner.msg
Hi, You are not authorized!!!

bash-3.00# ftp localhost
ftp: connect to address ::1: Network is unreachable
Connected to localhost.
220-Hi, You are not authorized!!!
220 localhost FTP server ready.
Name (localhost:root):

Hooray!!! It work's!!!

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