Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daily Check List:

1. CPU Utilization:
a. # sar –u
b. # mpstat

2. Memory Utilization:

a. top
b. prstat
c. vmstat
d. swap –l

3. Disk Utilization:
a. df –h
b. iostat –En

4. Network Status:
a. netstat –i
b. netstat –a
c. netstat –m

5. Solaris Volume Manager/SVM:

a. metastat –i
b. metastat –p
c. metadb –i
d. cat /etc/lvm/
e. metastat | grep –i replace

6. Syslog:
a. sulog
b. login log
c. last
d. /var/adm/message

7. User session:
a. w
b. who
c. users

FTP usage:
a. ftpwho
b. ftpcount


  1. Will you post, daily activities of Solaris system admin? am certified but am fresher,so i didnt get job yet,it will be helpful.
    thanking you.

  2. Ramkumar,
    Sure. Let me work on it post it with some detailed information. Please do let me know in specific what you wish to know.